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Your Site Title is the headline of your website. It is not visible on your webpage but appears at the top of your browser window. In Google and other search engines your Site Title is displayed as the headline of your website.

Search engines read your website's Site Title in the same way we read a headline of a newspaper. Your Site Title is also used:

  • When saving to favorites.
  • When sharing your website on Facebook/ Digg and other sharing platforms.

Important points for writing your Site Title:

  • Site Title must not exceed 50 characters long, spaces included.
  • Begin your Site Title with your business name.
  • If you are a local business include your city/state/county/suburb. Local information helps Search Engines to direct local users attracting more visits from local searches.
  • Try incorporating your most relevant search phrase in your Site Title i.e. the word you think a client would type into a Search Engine search to find your website.
  • Make sure your Site Title is easy to read and attractive - A relevant and descriptive Site Title is more likely to attract users to 'click' in Search Engine results.
  • Use the pipe sign (|) to distinguish different parts in your Site Title.

To change your website title:

  1. Click on the Editor Tab.
  2. Select Site Settings from the Site menu drop down list.
  3. Click on the website title (at the top of the dialog box).
  4. In the Title field enter your website title.
  5. Press the Save button to save your changes.