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In today’s world people are very un-forgiving when it comes to websites and navigating round them, if they don’t get what they’re looking for within 10 seconds they’re gone forever and that’s a potential client out the window!

Here are some simple guidelines to help you when building or updating your website

1) If you don’t already have one – spend a couple of hundred pounds and get a logo professionally designed and make sure its one of the first things people see when entering your site, I always subconsciously home in on the logo when first arriving at a site and I’m sure it has something to do with my decision in how long I stay on that site. You can tell a lot about someone’s business and their ethics from their logo – whether its traditional, modern, minimalist etc so it’ll immediately set the tone for your website and the portrayal of your business in your customer’s eyes – definitely worth spending money on!

2) Work out your ideal website structure and what pages you need on your website - one good method of doing this is to take a look around your competitors sites and note down the things that work, their wording / site structure etc) and incorporate them into your website. Its also very helpful and user friendly to put a sitemap somewhere on your site to help your visitors get where they want to go to more quickly.

3) When writing the content for your site - think about the words people might type into their search engine to find you, and make sure that your pages actually include those words in the content – it’ll help you hugely with your Search Engine Ranking. ( I’ll explain more about this later!)

4) It sounds very obvious but try and use good quality Images – I always think this is important as it ensures your professional business or corporate image - I’d recommend either getting your pictures professionally taken or source and purchase some from one of the many photo libraries off the internet – is a good one to use.

5) If people visiting your site are after your physical location, which is often the case, they love and understand Google Maps, so make sure you have one on your Contact page – very easy to do too!

6) Another tip someone gave me recently is that people are lazy and love nothing more than to press play on a video and sit back and watch it, instead of having to navigate round your site to understand your business. So if you are able to do this its definitely worth spending money on. It doesn’t have to be the latest blockbuster, just an overview of your business and I also think its nice to introduce some of the people in your business in the video too.

7) Keep your homepage simple and clean – and put a one liner about your business somewhere very clear to see at the top of your homepage - the easier it is for them to understand what you do, the longer they’ll stay and hopefully spend their money with you!