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During the server migration all emails will be deleted from the server. If you use the imap protocol to check your emails all your emails will be deleted after the migration. In order to ensure you don't loose your emails we suggest making a back up of them beforehand. Follow our instructions below to do this.

1) Firstly check if you use imap Protocol:

To do this go to the Accounts section in your email client (eg Apple Mail / Outlook/ Windows Mail etc - let us know if you don't know where this is and we'll tell you!). Next double click on the email address(es) associated with the domain. You should now see the email address settings; in the Incoming Mail Server field if you see: then you're using imap protocol. If you see then you're using pop protocol. If you're using pop then you can ignore this as your emails will not be deleted after the migration, if you're using imap then you'll need to continue to step 2.

2) Instructions to back-up your emails on your computer:

To do this you need to export the emails from your email client and save the file on your computer. After the server migration your email address will continue to work but if you use imap protocol you will notice all your emails will have been deleted. To get them back you simply need to import the backed-up emails into your email client again. There are further instructions for each email client below:

Apple Mac Mail
Windows mail
Windows Live Mail
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010
Yahoo! Mail
Google Android:

Mobile Devices

Unfortuntaltey since most mobile devices use imap to check emails your emails currently in your inbox on your mobile device will disappear after the migration (but using the instructions above you'll still have them on your computer!).