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You are automatically assigned up to 1GB of web space for your website which is more than enough for a standard website. However if you are planning on having movies or hundreds of very large images you might want to consider buying more webspace. You can do this at £1.00 per MB per year.
Please note: We will charge you pro rata up to your Wizz-it renewal date, and from then on it will be included in your annual renewal fee. Because your yearly fee will have increased, we will cancel your recurring payment and on your renewal date you will be emailed an invoice for the new total amount with a link to start the recurring payment again.

To order more webspace:

  1. Click on the My Account tab along the top row of the wizz-it control panel page.
  2. Click on Buy More Webspace.
  3. Enter the amount of webspace you would like to buy in the 'I would like a further XX additional MB of webspace' field.
  4. Press the Order button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.