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Transferring your domain to Wizz-it involves two steps:

  1. Unlock your domain at your current registrar.
  2. Begin the transfer through the Wizz-it control panel. 

Please take note of these important points, before you begin the transfer process:

  • Your domain needs to have been registered for more than 60 days for it to be eligible for a transfer. It must also not have been transferred to another registrar within those 60 days.
  • Make sure you can access the email address originally used to register your domain. Our domain registration partner, 1and1, will send a confirmation email to that address once you begin the transfer.
  • If you are transferring a .com, .org, .net domain You will need to get an EPP or authorization code from your current domain registrar.
  • If your domain is a name: please ask the company that currently holds your domain to change the IPS tag to: SCHLUND
  • Check that your domain is unlocked. To find out if your domain is unlocked, look it up on If the Status is described as "ok" then it is ready for transfer. If the Status is "clientDeleteProhibited" then the domain is still locked.
  • Please remember to remove "privacy" from your domain's settings.
  • Please make sure your emails are backed up before starting the transfer, especially if you use imap (which will result in your emails disappearing from your email program once your domain transfer has started!) Your emails will go down for the duration of the transfer. Once the transer has been completed you will need to order your email addresses thorugh the Wizz-it control apnel and we will then send you your new emails settings to add to your email program. Wizz-it is not responsible for any loss of emails incurred during the transfer of the domain.

Then follow these steps to tranfer your domain to Wizz-it:

  • Log in to the Wizz-it control panel and hover over the my Account tab and select Order Domains.
  • In the Transfer domain section enter the domain you wish to transfer in the 'Domain Name to Transfer' field.
  • If your domain is a name: please ask the company that currently holds your domain to change the IPS tag to: SCHLUND
  • If your domain is a .com/.net/.org name: please ask them to unlock the domain name. You will then need to get an authorisation code from them and forward it to us.
  • Press the Order button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.
  • If you are adding an additonal domain we will charge you pro-rata up to your Wizz-it renewal date, and from then on it will be included in your annual renewal fee. Because your yearly fee will have increased, we will cancel your recurring payment and on your renewal date you will be emailed an invoice for the new total amount with a link to start the recurring payment again.