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The publish site feature was added so you could make changes without having them go live immediately. You can edit your site for as long as you want (logging in and out if you want etc). To preview what your new changes will look like just press the 'Preview' button. When you're happy with your changes and want them to go live just click the Publish button.

Congratulations! Your site is now published to a free Wizz-it subdomain! You can access your site any time by clicking on the link in the top of the Wizz-it control panel, or by typing your website address into the address bar of your browser. If you ever need to check what your web address is, this will be displayed along the top of the screen in the Sitebuilder, directly to the right of the Wizz-it logo.

Please note: Your site is live on the internet and people can visit it directly as soon as it is published. However, to begin with, you will not be able to search for your site by typing the address into a search box (such as Yahoo! or Google). This is because it takes time for newly-published sites to be indexed so that they become searchable.