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HTML links (also called hyperlinks) are what everyone uses to find their way on the world wide web. Links also make it possible for visitors to navigate through your site. Finding information on the internet would be impossible without links connecting everything together. If you want a website that search engines love, you need to get really familiar with this feature!

There are two ways to create links:

  • Text Links
  • Picture Links

Creating a link with the Text Widget

In the Text Widget, type the text you want to use as the link and highlight it with your mouse. Then click on the "Link" button (looks like a chain link with the word "Link" next to it) on the Text Editing Toolbar.

The Link Editor dialog box will open up that will allow you to link to:

  1. An external Web Address (another website).
  2. OR another page of your own site.
  3. An email address (simply enter "mailto:" followed by the email address in the URL field)
  4. A file. (Press the 'Browse' button at the end of the Web Address field and select the file you want to link to)

You can also choose to Open in new window or Open in Current Window. "Open in New Window" means that when visitors to your site click on the link, a new tab will open up in their browser. In this way, they stay on the current page of your website, and can also access the link provided.

Turning a picture into a link

To turn a picture into a link, upload and add the picture as normal using a Picture Widget. Hover over the Picture Widget and click on "Edit" on the top left. Then click on "Link Picture". The Link Editor will open up where you can choose the type of link you want to use. Select and add the link to one of the five categories and press the Save and Close button to save your changes.