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We currently have 3 different types of gallery you can add to your website, with these galleries you no longer have to drag and drop individual photos and resize them on your site, or use a third party application to create a photo gallery.The Gallery Widgets automatically create an attractive clickable picture galleries.

Here's how to create your Gallery:

  1. Choose the type of gallery you want to use (Scollthrough / Slideshow / Grid) and Drag the corresponding Gallery Widget onto your page (you'll find it in the "Gallery" section of the Widgets menu).
  2. Click on the Add Images button to add the images to your gallery (please note that Gallery Images can't be shared between galleries and aren't stored in your webspace). To upload multiple pictures at the same time: Hold down "ctrl" (for PC users) or the "cmd" key (for Mac users), while clicking on the pictures you would like to upload.
  3. Once your images have been uploaded you will see them listed in the main dialog box.
  4. To upload more images: press the Add Images button.
  5. To delete an image: press the Delete button on the image you want to delete.
  6. To reorder images: The images when added should be initially put in alphabetical order depending on their filename. If you want to re-order them simply click and drag the thumbnail image up / down the list to the desired position.
  7. To edit an image title: Click the Edit button and a dialog box will open up where you can change the picture title. Press the Save button to save your changes.
  8. To resize an image: Click the Edit button and a dialog box will open up and enter the new dimensions in the Resize Image to fields. If you only know the new width or height and want to scale the image accordingly just check the Constrain Properties box and after entering the new dimension click your cursor in the other box and the new size will be automatically generated). Press the Save button to save your changes.
  9. To edit the image: Click the Edit button and a dialog box will open up. Then click on the Edit Picture button beneath the thumnail and our picture editor dialog box will open up allowing you to edit the image in a number of different cool ways! Once done press the Save button to save your changes.
  10. The Settings tab allows you to choose a number of settings for your gallery. All of these should be pretty self explanaitory - if you find your gallery is to high or wide, try entering a width and height for the maximum Image Size fields. The click to view full size option if checked will allow users to view a larger version of the image when they click on it.
  11. The Styles tab allows you to choose how you want the pictures in your gallery to look. You can also choose whether you want a shadow behind the images and what colour border you want for your images (if you don't want a border - leave this field blank).
  12. At any time you can preview your gallery in the Prievew tab to see what it might look like.
  13. Once you are happy with it just press the Save button at the top to save your changes. Don't forget to Publish your site to see it live on your website!