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Wizz-it offers a variety of templates you can use on your site to change your site appearance. You can customise your template by choosing your own background & foreground colours / background images / font styles etc.

You can switch to a different template at any time and all your content and design settings will be brought over to the new template.

To restore the default template colour/font/background image settings you have to press the Restore button on the each of the website colours / background image / font page.

The best way to see what a template is going to look like is to select it and try it out... you can always switch back!

  1. Having logged into your control panel click on the editor tab.
  2. Click on the Style menu then select the 'Templates' option.
  3. To choose a template just click on the thumbnail and then press the 'select this template' button.
  4. Review your website in the new layout. To do this just press the 'Preview' button at the top right of the control panel.