Index > Adding a Twitter Badge

An excellent way to promote and drive traffic to your site is to add a Twitter widget. This widget allows visitors to view your latest twitter feeds without having to leave your site.

Follow these instructions to add a Twitter widget to your website:

  1. The Twitter Widget is located in the "Social" folder in the Widget list. Drag and drop it onto your page.
  2. The dialog box will open up and you will see the following editing options:
    • Username: Enter your twitter username here.
    • Number of Tweets: In this menu, select the number of tweets you want to display in your widget.
    • Poll for New Results: Check this box to allow for continous updating of your Twitter feeds whilst a user is on your website.
    • Whether you want to include a scrollbar in your Twitter widget or let it expand depending on the height.
    • Colour Scheme: Select the colour of your Twitter widget
    • Dimensions: The size of your Twitter widget. If left blank we will use the default size.
    • Align: You can align your Twitter widget to the left, right or center it.
  3. When you're finished setting up your button, click "Save".
  4. Save your site, and then click on the green "Publish" button to make your changes live.