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Before you get started on your website we suggest that you have a think about the content you want on your website and what you want it to achieve... the more successful websites tend to be the ones that have had some thought and consideration instead of just whacking all the content up. So we thought we'd suggest a few tips:

The main requirement is that your content is interesting and informative to users, and provides accurate and up-to-date information about your organisation and its activities.

Ensure that the content you select is appropriate for your identified audience. You must also ensure that it conforms to legal requirements, particularly copyright and privacy laws.

Ensure your website content is 'search engine friendly'. Search engines cannot 'read' images and animations, so they need informative text. Offer as much good quality text information as you can including relevant keywords within sentences and once your site goes live, update it often. Remember that search engines cannot 'read' images and animations, so your text has to compensate for the visual cues that the search engines miss.

When you have determined the content to be included, you need to consider what elements need to be newly-created and the resources you have available to perform those tasks. We recommend as a great source of royalty free images, specially aimed for website graphics. The completed website material - words and images - will need to be available in web-ready format, which means digitisation of all content.

Don’t forget that the material you finally select will need to be edited for factual accuracy, spelling, grammar, sense and relevance. You also need to ensure that you have the resources to review the content regularly and keep it up-to-date.