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To start using a Wizz-it website you first need to sign up for a free trial at You can then upgrade at any time. Please note: you cannot choose your own domain name or set up any email with the 7 day free trial.

A wizz-it website costs £99 including 1 domain name and upto 10 email addresses. You are automatically assigned up to 1GB of web space for your website which is more than enough for a standard website. However if you are planning on having movies or hundreds of very large images you might want to consider buying more webspace. You can do this at £1.00 per MB per year and you can either buy this at sign up or at any time in the future through your control panel.

Our websites have been designed to be used by the most un-technical people, but if you feel like you need help or don't have time, for £30 an hour we will do it all for you, all you have to do is email us the content. You will not be charged now for this, we will invoice once we have finished setting up your website. (On average it takes around 2 hours work)

Step 1 - Go to the sign-up page and click on the Sign-up button

Step 2 - Create a Free Trial Account

Enter your personal details including a username for the control panel and a password then follow the set-up wizzard. You can leave the fields blank at any stage and go on to the next section.

Step 3 - Create your website

Once you have finished the set-up wizzard you will be taken straight into the wizz-it control panel where you can begin setting up your website straight away. Once you have finished creating your website, just click the 'publish' button in the top corner to view your website.

If you would like to go live with your website you will need to first upgrade your site, then once upgraded you can order your domain.

To upgrade your website click on the My Account -> Account Overview page and click on the upgrade site button and follow the steps. You will be taken to a Paypal page where you'll be asked to subscribe to Wizz-it. Once complted your account will immediately become active. You can upgrade at anytime durning the 7 day free trial.

Once upgraded you can choose your free domain (and email addresses) by clicking on the My Account -> Order Domain link and following the steps (see our tutorial here on how to add a domain) and then your website will be live in a few hours!