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Wizz-it's new drag and drop editor gives you a huge amount of freedom in displaying the content on your pages and is very easy to use!

You can very easily drag 'widgets' on to your page and move them around, delete them, change the layout, space between widgets - infact pretty much anything is possible! You can add many sorts of widgets including text ones, galleries, plain html, horizontal lines, pdf and word documents, Scribd documents, any type of Multimedia incuding those hosted elsewhere (youtube, soundcloud etc), add social media buttons and boxes, create your own contact form and even add a shop! The picture below shows the text editor as you will see it in the control panel (it sits 'inside' your website so you can get a feel for what your content will look like when its live).

Text Editor


Step 1:
Click on the Editor tab.

Step 2:
Select the page you want to edit from the drop down list on the right hand side, or navigate to the page by pressing on the page in the website menu, or alternativly you can click on the Manage/Re-order Pages button and click the 'content' button beside the page you want to edit (we have tried to make it as easy as possible to get to where you want to!).

Step 4:
The next page will display the current content on your website inside the editor.

Step 5:
To move the widgets on your page around simply click on the 'header bar' and drag the widget to the new position.
To delete a widget just press the 'x' button in the widget header bar.
To edit a widget just press the 'edit' button in the widget header bar and depending on the type of widget a new window might open where you can make changes or if its a text widget the text buttons will appear along the top of the editor allowing you to enter and style text.
To change the layout of the page press the 'change layout' button and simply choose a new layout.
To add a new widget to your page press the 'widgets' button, find the widget you want to add and drag it onto the editor, to the position you want it to appear in.

Step 6:
When you are finished editing don't forget to press the Save button! If you try to navigate away from the page an alert will pop up asking you if you want to save your changes so you won't accidently loose your work.

If you find this editor a bit advanced and simply wish to use our old editor you can downgrade at anytime by simply pressing the 'downgrade to our old editor' button on the left hand side of the editor.