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To create or delete a page:

  1. Click on the Editor tab and then click on the "Add Page" button under the Site drop down menu.
  2. Next fill in the Settings for your page:
  3. Title: This is the title of your website which will appear in teh browser window. It is also used by search engines to determine your ranking so it might be beneficial to include some keywords.
  4. Menu Title: This is the name that is shown in the navigation menu.
  5. Page Address (optional) : If entered this will change the address of the page from to (where 'page_address' is the name you enter in the field). Aswell as looking better, this is also used by search enginges when determining your ranking.
  6. Menu/Sub-Menu this page will be displayed under: Select whether you want the page to appear on the main menu or inside a sub-menu (or hide it from the menu
  7. Make this page my website's splash page: If checked this will turn this page into your splashpage or entrance page. No logo/navigation/footer will be displayed and ny content you enter on this page will be a link into your website.
  8. Display background image: Choose whether you want to show the background image on this page or not (we currently only offer 1 background image per site this is where you can choose if you want it displayed or not).
  9. Password Protection: If you want your page to be password protected, enter a password here. When users visit this page they will be asked to enter a password before viewing the content.
  10. Header Image: Some of our newer templates have page headers, or banners. If you would like to edit your header image click this button.
  11. Page Status: Choose whether you want your page to become active or set it to draft.
  12. Once you're finished press the Save button at the bottom.
  13. Your new page will then automatically load in the editor so you can being adding content.
  14. To delete a page just go to the Manage Pages section and press the rubbish bin icon next to the page you wish to delete.